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Hardwood Flooring - Opelika, AL

Hardwood Flooring — Floors & Flooring Retail in Opelika, AL
Hardwood flooring adds a natural beauty and warmth to any living space. We at Bi-City Décor are proud to offer a wide variety of pre-finished hardwood flooring options in a wide variety of colors and strengths. Our products include cherry, walnut, maple, oak and more.
Hardwood floors are perfect for those who want something easy to clean and resistant to dirt, dander, dust and mold. If you are interested in longevity, solid hardwood floors might be right for you. Should your floors ever lose their luster, you can refresh them by applying a stain or finish. As with any renovation, hardwood flooring can add value to your home. People interested in purchasing a home will appreciate the durability of hardwood and its high-quality appearance.
If you want additional protection for your floors, ArmorMax by Mohawk is the perfect solution. This finish technology provides maximum protection for hardwood flooring. When combined with Scotchgard Advanced Repel Technology, ArmorMax provides the ultimate in protection from stains, abrasions and scratches. Tests have proven this finish to be five times more resistant to wear and tear than similar extended wear finishes.
The built-in surface shield provided by ArmorMax repels stains and everyday messes and spills to provide the ideal surface for your floor. The finish is easy to maintain and reduces the need for frequent cleanings and refinishing. Backed by a 50-year finish warranty, ArmorMax is an ideal product for those with hardwood floors. Let Bi-City Décor help you achieve your dream look by providing quality hardwood floor installation. Call us today to get started!
Hardwood Floor in the living room — Floors & Flooring Retail in Opelika, AL